Message from the Managing Director



AMDA Multisectoral and Integrated Development Services (AMDA-MINDS) is a non-profit organization having its origin in the Office of Project Operations and Community Services of the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. AMDA-MINDS, functioning as an integral part of the larger AMDA Group, was separately incorporated in April 2007 to further sharpen its focus on and concentrate its resources to mid- and long-term social development. By capitalizing its expertise on improving, among other fields, health, basic education, microfinance, and livelihood through participatory approach, it intended to serve better and contribute more to target communities and people. Since then, it has been implementing a series of social development projects to help upgrade living standard of the people in the countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Our principle remains in line with that of the AMDA Group. We wish our capacity to be fully directed to support those who are yet to fully enjoy or adequately access to key public services such as basic health, education, hygiene facilities and clean water that are commonly available in developed nations. As these adverse situations occur due partly to conflict, extreme poverty, market failure and weak administration, we promote “Sogo-fujo (mutual support) spirit” that community people in project areas have traditionally cherished to compensate those adversities.

Since its establishment, AMDA-MINDS has been engaged in various social development programs at rural and sub-urban areas in 12 countries. Currently, we are focusing on strengthening the organizational strength and enhancing expertise to operate the programs more effectively and make the outcomes more significant and tangible.

Those NGOs that engage in social development work in a society where different ethnicities, cultures, languages and religious interweave diversity, especially under the environment with poor infrastructure and public services. Thus, our staff are required to have a solid ability to manage programs while overcoming various difficulties.

Although there may be a variety of definitions for “social development,” AMDA-MINDS defines it as “progress and/or improvement achieved through working together with the people and community concerned in the areas of health and livelihood with the ownership that ensures sustainability. In the process of attaining it, a family, the smallest unit of a society, can lead a happier life and a local administration, the largest apparatus of a society, can build an enable environment for a better future of the society.

As we, the members of NGOs, belong to a civil society, with beneficiaries’ perspective being valued, we collaborate with various stakeholders, being proud of working attentively towards practical solutions to long-lasting social and humanitarian issues. Thus, our continuous efforts to develop our own abilities to overcome such difficulties is the pride of us.

AMDA-MINDS, as an NGO with its headquarters in Japan, understands that it is our responsibility to contribute to peace in the world as stated in the preamble of the Constitution of Japan. We are to be contributory to achieve the noble philosophy by leaving significant results through social development programs in the countries we work.

Lastly, we solicit for your understanding and support to the AMDA-MINDS programs as a genuine and sincere contribution to the world from Japan.

Shunsuke Suzuki, Managing Director