Emergency Relief: Hurricanes Eta/Iota, Honduras

In response to hurricanes Eta and Iota which wreaked havoc across Honduras, AMDA Group (AMDA, AMDA-MINDS and AMDA Honduras) have implemented a joint relief effort in 2020.


AMDA Emergency Response – West Japan Torrential Rain

AMDA has carried out the relief activities in Soja City and Mabicho, Okayama Prefecture, that were heavily affected by the torrential downpours that struck west Japan in July 2018.


Healthier life both physically and mentally

Message from U Aik Pan, Village Leader, Hi Taung Village (Myanmar)


Longyi, cherished traditional dress of Myanmar

Every nation has its original traditional dress. Let’s say, it is Kimono of Japan, Saree of India. The one of Myanmar, our cherished dress is called “Longyi”. Since long time ago to today, all Myanmar wear longyi proudly and it is our national identity.


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