Healthier life both physically and mentally

U Aik Pan, Village Leader, Hi Taung Village (Myanmar)

Our village is located in the remote mountainous area of the northern part of Shan State in Myanmar. About 500 people including Kachin and Palaung are living in our village. Due to the difficulty in access to the village, we face a lot of challenges including a lack of health and water/sanitation services.

In order to improve our living condition, we have conducted activities with AMDA-MINDS for water/sanitation and health with the support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. We have also constructed a library and installed play equipment in our community center with the support from Kobe Konan Lions Club. All villagers have contributed to getting materials and transporting them by donkeys all the way from the town to our village. In this way, we could manage to finish the construction work last summer.

I am very thankful to the warm support from Japan, which has helped us to have healthier life both physically and mentally.

  • Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • UN Agencies