Project in Sierra Leone launched

Sierra Leone considerably suffered from prolonged conflicts thereby the government structure and public services have been also devastated. Despite its once flourished economy and its richness in culture and tradition, the health sector was one of the public entities that has been severely affected.

The World Health Statistics 2012 shows 174 out of 1,000 children died before reaching five and maternal deaths are 890 per 100,000. To reverse them, various government initiatives along with the donor contribution have been undertaken and substantive progress has been observed, for example, improved quality of and access to primary health care services.

Following challenges are being addressed including insufficient human and financial resources to fulfill increased and widening health needs of patients and inadequate guidance and supervision system over the quality of health service delivery.

AMDA-MINDS as part of a joint implementing body concluded a contract with JICA at the end of May 2013. As it is one of the key agencies that have been supporting the efforts of strengthening the health system in Sierra Leone, JICA has entered into an agreement with that the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) that they would jointly initiate the Project for Strengthening Supportive Supervision System.

The Project was designed to enhance the capacity of MoHS and District Health Management Teams (DHMTs) in integrated supportive supervision (iSSV) in order to support reproductive and child health service providers on a regular basis at peripheral health units (PHUs). Special emphases were placed on capacity building, standardization, and operationalization, revision of iSSV tools, integration of iSSV results into strategic planning and information management, and implementation of mini-projects. This project commenced in June 2013 and expected to end in April 2017.

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